1. AEC / BIM / CAD
    AEC / BIM / CAD
    AEC Projects, BIM Modeling & Coordination, 2D & 3D Drawing Services, etc..
  2. Lisp Programming
    Lisp Programming
    Custom AutoCAD / BricsCAD Lisp programming Services; including Application Development, Process Automation, DWG Conversions, Data Extraction, Standards Implementation, etc...
  3. Aerial Images
    Aerial Images
    sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) - FAA Remote Pilot - Part 107 Certified Photography and Image Capture services for Residential and Commercial applications.
  4. sUAS / RC Models
    sUAS / RC Models
    RC Aircraft Maintenance / Building... Aerial Photography, Drone Racing, Sport Pilot...
  5. VR Data Capture
    VR Data Capture
    VR Data Capture, As-Built Modeling, Site Validation, and Site Monitoring Services... Experienced in creating 3D Data models from photogrammetry images and 3D point clouds.
  6. 3D Printing
    3D Printing
    3D Printing / Prototyping - Design and Part Creation Services