Tools for AutoCAD  & BricsCAD



VEA-Utils   v18.12.15   *Updated Version*
VEA-Utils are included with all products. It contains various Lisp commands that are not natively available within AutoCAD or BricsCAD...
  • String Functions
  • File collections and path manipulation
  • Xdata assignment and retrieval
  • Environment Identification
  • Regularly updated with more tools added...
BricsCAD version

AutoCAD version
Functions and Details
VEA-Reporter    v18.11.2
VEA-Reporter will scan any folder/drive and report back all of the Lisp/DCL Files and their contents. Perfect for BIM/CAD Managers or Consultants who are looking to analyze their current standards to determine how many programs and functions exist...
  • Lists every Lsp,Dcl, Des,Fas, Vlx, or...
  • List of all Commands and functions 
  • Sorted function list (Where Used)
  • Qty of code lines, functions, and protected files
  • Consolidated list of all file headers
  • Edit launch from list and list exports
BricsCAD version

AutoCAD version
Note: VEA-Utils are Required 

VEA-Inspector provides and environment for folder and Lisp/Dcl file comparison. Perfect for BIM/CAD Managers or Consultants who are developing and modifying Lisp routines for AutoCAD/BricsCAD...
  • Dual folder comparison
  • Launch code or Editor 
  • Advanced string search
  • File Content sorting
  • File merge / splice / report missing
  • Analysis of large Ascii / Txt, Csv, Prn files
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